Sorry sari girl

Waiting to pull out the driveway, I see a young Indian girl walking slowly along the street, approaching my front garden.  She is remarkably willowy and has an intelligent face with delicate features.  She wears a sari of tangerine and chocolate as though she just stepped out of a 1970s cookery book.  She is walking slowly, reticently, aware of each step.  Her arms cross her stomach and her hands rest on her hips.  She is lost in troubled thoughts.  I have the urge to open the passenger door and invite her in.  “I’ll tell you mine”, I’ll say, “And you can tell me yours”.


More turntableism

From the comments –

LOL, it’s a sample of a man reading off of a Chinese restaurant menu:  We have tasty baked chicken, and white rice, and steak with potatoes; lettuce and tomato salad; ice-cream and lemon tea, etc…

Oh, please let that be true!