Teen -v- coffee cake

– Got any pudding?

– Do you want some cake?

– No thanks.

– Don’t you like my cake?

– It’s not chocolate.

– It’s coffee cake.  You like coffee.

– OK, I’ll have some.

– Here you go.

– Yuk.  You didn’t tell me it had nuts in!

– You like nuts.

– No I don’t.  Yuk, they’re all crunchy.

– They’re not crunchy they’ve been cooked in the cake.  They’re walnuts – coffee and walnuts are lovely together.

– I swear you’ve put yoghurt in the middle.

– It’s not yoghurt, it’s cream.

– Don’t like cream.

– Yes you do.  You like milk, you like butter, you like cream.

– What did you put in it?

– It’s flavoured with vanilla.

– Don’t like vanilla.

– Yes you do.  You like white chocolate, you like vanilla.

– I’m full.


2 comments on “Teen -v- coffee cake

  1. Tell them it’s designer cake. Or that some posh neighbor made it. The only way to get them to eat the effing cake.

  2. Good idea.
    Although, why tf should I have to persuade her to eat my effing cake?
    It’s effing good cake!

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