American poets for 4th July

In honour of the fourth of July, I’ve been looking at American poetry today.

OK, that’s a lie.  Or at least a half-truth.  What actually happened was…

I’m having a coffee before setting off for work.  My laptop is browsing the Poetry Foundation website and Polish poet Anna Kamieńska (saving her for another day) grabs me hard and reminds me I have not written anything in my notebook recently.  I’ve been lazy.  But this Anna.  She fires me up and I have the muse and I need to write.  I sneeze and blow my nose and I ring in sick.

I do a little writing, but not the right sort.  Notebook shmotebook.  So I turn right back to Poetry Foundation and find my tabs invaded by the likes of Dickenson, WCWilliams, Stevens and I’m thinking hey, fourth of July, American poets, couldn’t have planned it better and I’m thinking hey, maybe I should share.


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