Everything about you is violet sky

Last Creative Writing assignment went in today, an excerpt from the final assessment, which we have to continue drafting, drafting until final submission mid-May.   Sick of it already, sick of lengthy decisions over punctuation: commas; dashes; colons and semis – seems to be about as creative as I’m getting on this one.

I’ll have a little break and hopefully be reinvigorated when it’s returned with (hopefully, almost certainly: I have a great tutor) words of encouragement.

Leaving the house this morning, a young woman was sulkily pulling leaves off next door’s camillia, muttering. A little girl caught up with her, breathless, pushing baby brother in buggy.

– You want out of what, Mum?

– Life.

The woman took over the pushchair and they continued on their way.

Two worms are battling it out in my head. I’m going to listen simultaneously, see if they destroy each other, reclaim my head space.


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