Mixed feelings…

In a flurry of elation, I submitted the final draft of my final A363 assignment the other night.  After a fitful night’s sleep, I added missing references, a couple of tweaks and resubmitted before work the following morning.

A363 has turned me into a drunken slob.  It’s time to get my act together, reintroduce myself to the kids; the hoover; the garden; movements more strenuous than putting cool hand to angst-fevered brow.

The course has been a torturous journey for me, and although it has taught me many things, the main lesson I have learnt is that I am not a writer! A215 pats you on the head and tells you: you can do it; A363 asks if you really want to, then challenges you to prove it.

My answer to A363’s challenge is a creatively-drained and exhausted ‘no more’.

But I wouldn’t have missed the journey for the world.


2 comments on “Mixed feelings…

  1. Yes, I think you are right. Less is more. Rather, the occasional paragraph penned around Christmas or small poem in praise of motherhood should suffice. Writing professionally is extremely arduous, not to be considered lightly in the domestic setting. I hope my guidance has provided some small satisfaction as you consider a channelled future, freed from the creative’s befuddlement. I, of course must languish with my substantial talent, wearisome as genius is, this tightrope of breaking glass, my fringe heaving in the gust, gale. Gust or gale.


  2. Wise words as always. In return, my advice – again – is more hair product, sort out that gale-gusty fringe so you can concentrate on the utter lassitude of your genius.

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