Frocks or slacks: a feminist choice

Currently busy working my way through the East Anglian Film Archive, thanks to a charming introduction from WhereGreenRoadsMeet.  It’s a treasure trove of characters and nostalgia.

This is my favourite: on women wearing slacks.


5 comments on “Frocks or slacks: a feminist choice

  1. Sean Baker says:

    Hello Rachel
    Haven’t visited your site for months – glad I have finally got round to doing so again though. Yes, the women on slacks piece was a hoot. Have you started U214 now?

  2. Hi Sean,
    Yes U214 started this week. Have you finished E303? Get your result yet? What was your considered opinion, now you’ve finished – would you recommend it?
    Glad you enjoyed the video, was great. Loved that shifty bloke! Did you watch the samphire-picker with his deformed feet too? Oh, I should have lived in those simpler times.

    • Sean Baker says:

      Hi Rachel
      I finished a couple of weeks ago – will know result at the end of Nov. I would recommend it, it’s fascinating. However, one word of warning: it’s VERY technical. It’s actually classed as a Social Science, not a Humanity subject. There’s a lot of analysis and statistical work involved, as well as an awful lot of new (well, to me anyway!) grammar terminology.
      No, didn’t see the samphire picker – will have to have another look when I get a moment.
      I’m doing NaNoWriMo by the way – 1000 words minimum a day for a month. Should be doable – I’ve just written a 2000-word short story in 2 days for a competition!

      • It’s a bit late for good luck, I guess, but let me know the result.
        Technical is good – stats and analysis come unnaturally natural to me, but I guess I’ll see how I get on with U214 before I decide though.
        NaNoWriMo? Good luck with that, it’s something I could never do so I’m very envious that you could even attempt it! Hope you enjoy. You should start a blog to show off your progress!

        • Sean Baker says:

          Thanks for ‘good luck’! I do actually have a blog I started about 3 years back to plot my pantomime scriptwriting, but I’ve been fitful (to say the least) at keeping it up. I may resurrect it. Will send the link if I do.

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