Thicker than raindrops on November thorn

Frida Kahlo (1907 - 1954)  Self-portrait with Necklace 1933

Already November is here; mists, mellow fruitfulness, all that, but also Na-No-Wri-Mo and Movember.

I have always ignored the fuss made about Na-No-Wri-Mo.  Even while I was taking Creative Writing courses and could tentatively call myself a writer, the thought of tackling the n-word at all was inhibiting.  I can barely read one in a month, so the thought of attempting to write one in that time made me want to find a quiet corner and sob.  So I did what I do when something scares me, I ignored it and nestled in the smugness of its non-existance.

But a couple of weeks ago, I blew it.  I told someone I could never do Na-No-Wri-Mo.  Not only did I admit its existence – thereby making it undeniably real – but I also awakened my inner mule; tell me ‘you can’t do that’ and I will huff and puff and I will find a way.  My way can be flexible and non-linear, but it will have the essence of the original in the way that a poem will be the essence of a truth even if details must be changed to get there.  It is in this spirit, then, that I have reinvented Na-No-Wri-Mo for the word-challenged: Wri-Mo-Micro.  Instead of 50,000 words in 30 days, I will attempt to write at least 100 words every day throughout November.

As for Movember, that’s easy.  I’m with the guys.  Come November 30th I’ll be twiddling my handlebar as I read back over my month’s vast writings.


8 comments on “Thicker than raindrops on November thorn

  1. Sean Baker says:

    For a minute there, Rachel, I thought you were going to commit yourself to writing 30 words in 50,000 days, which given that 50,000 days is 137 years, is arguably even more difficult. I’ve started N*****o and am up to 4154 words so far. Hope the course is going well!

    • Thanks, I have the first assignment due next week, not started yet!
      4154 words, that’s great going. Do you have an outline or are you just going with the flow?

      • Sean Baker says:

        Hi Rachel
        Sorry, a bit remiss to not reply. Still doing NaNoWriMo – up to 31000+ now, not quite on target to finish 50000 by 30th, but it’s a possibility. I have a vague outline, in answer to your question, but not a rigid structure. It’s a really interesting exercise though, I’m learning a lot.
        How’s the course so far? Did you get first assignment in?

        • You have a good excuse for not replying sooner, it’s fine. Let me know if you reached the target – and where I can read it!
          I just got my TMA back this morning and was very pleased with the result – I was prepared for a fail as I ran out of time so it was rushed and incomplete, but I think they go a bit easy on the first one.

          • Sean Baker says:

            Well done with your first score. I just got my E303 (Grammar) result back – I got Level 2, which I’m really pleased with. 83 for the EMA which I’m stoked about, in truth, as I was really unsure of it.
            I’m just short of 40000 now on NaNoWriMo. Won’t make 50000 by end of the 30th I don’t think as I’m out all day Saturday, so only two days to write 10k words. Not likely is it? Patrick Ness says you never, ever show your first draft to anyone! So it could be a while before this sees the light of day. But I’ll let you know when there’s something to read.

  2. I’ll answer for Sean.

    Where’s the 100 words anyway?

    I’m just passing by. I wrote a story about being a hooray henry, the other day. Don’t want you thinking I’m a hooray henry.


    • Hullo Henry.
      The words are amassing as planned but the quality is substandard so not being made public. Helluva playlist though. December might be the time to wade through and see if anything can be salvaged.
      Moustache is a splendid success though, I might start on monobrow next.
      What ho, Henry.

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