Teen -v- coffee cake

– Got any pudding?

– Do you want some cake?

– No thanks.

– Don’t you like my cake?

– It’s not chocolate.

– It’s coffee cake.  You like coffee.

– OK, I’ll have some.

– Here you go.

– Yuk.  You didn’t tell me it had nuts in!

– You like nuts.

– No I don’t.  Yuk, they’re all crunchy.

– They’re not crunchy they’ve been cooked in the cake.  They’re walnuts – coffee and walnuts are lovely together.

– I swear you’ve put yoghurt in the middle.

– It’s not yoghurt, it’s cream.

– Don’t like cream.

– Yes you do.  You like milk, you like butter, you like cream.

– What did you put in it?

– It’s flavoured with vanilla.

– Don’t like vanilla.

– Yes you do.  You like white chocolate, you like vanilla.

– I’m full.