About Anna Anderson

I love delicious words.

I love to play with words and I enjoy watching other people have fun with them, too.  I like to see words dressed up, at their most beautiful, and I like to see them simply explain an astonishing idea, a perfect detail.

Oh, I like music too.

Now, a confession.  Anna Anderson is not my real name.  Mr Anderson was my teacher when I was about nine; he was short and round with GHD-straight silver hair. Everything he taught us was backed up by anecdote – he had a story for everything!  Anna was my default name for heroines when I wrote stories; they started off as Anna and ‘earnt’ a proper name as their personality grew.

So Anna Anderson sounded good.  I googled it and discovered that Anna Anderson was the name of the woman who may or may not have been Anastasia of Russia – a pretender – which is perfect.

Anna Anderson I am.


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