Walter Martin and Paloma Muñoz

The worst of the winter weather is over now, I think.

Any nostalgia for the crisp voluptuousness of virgin snow can be indulged in the work of Walter Martin & Paloma Muñoz.

Martin was born in Virginia, studied Literature and gained an MFA.  Muñoz is originally from Madrid, started in Fine Art, but found the curriculum restrictive and left – “I decided to take my education into my own hands”.  The couple met in 1993 in New York, moved in together shortly after and have been collaborating since 1994.

Their most famous, and prolific, series is Travellers; intricate Lilliputian snowglobes which are beautifully photographed with a medium format (Mamiya) camera; either the globes or the photos or both can be exhibited.

The immediate effect is one of simple, almost childlike prettiness, but look closer and the scene is slightly warped.  Sometimes the details are comically absurd like the passing men, one doffing his hat, the other his head:

Meeting and Passing

Others show desolation:

Traveler 170 at Night

And some utter tragedy:

I Have a Future

In a similar vein is their Islands series: